Seatbelt Convincer Simulator

Seatbelt Education Program with Seatbelt Convincer Simulator

Looking for new ideas to make your next road safety events more LIVELY, more INTERACTIVE more EFFECTIVE?

Drivefos offers a variety of lively programs which can be characterised by the following equation:

FUN + EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING = Effective Road Safety Awareness

Below are some of our innovative programs which you can have at your doorstep for your employees !

Crash Simulator a.k.a. Seatbelt Convincer

Participants will experience a real crash at low speed conditions in safe manner.This experience is powerful enough to convince them to use their seatbelt for the rest of their lives !One Million Malaysians have been convinced by this technologyIs recognised for its effectiveness by Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (JKJR), Ministry of Transport. 

This 2-seater Simulator creates an impact force of 0.5 G force to convince vehicle users to buckle up when seated in front and back of any vehicle.